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Lateral lumbar interbody fusion surgeries available using minimally invasive techniques at Laser Spine Institute

Patients suffering from severe pain and limited mobility in the lower back may be recommended to undergo traditional open back fusion in order to stabilize the spine and reduce the pain and symptoms associated with their spine condition.

If you have exhausted all conservative therapies for your spine condition and you are still searching for pain relief, there may be a way for you to avoid undergoing traditional open back fusion. At Laser Spine Institute, we understand the overwhelming feeling of having to decide whether or not to go through with spine surgery. The risks associated with traditional open back surgery are terrifying, and many patients find themselves weighing the potential risks against suffering through a lifetime of pain, a situation that makes them feel forced into a decision.
If you are facing a decision about traditional open back fusion, we want you to know that you may have another option available. Laser Spine Institute offers a safer and effective alternative to traditional open back fusion with our minimally invasive stabilization surgery.

A safer, more effective approach to treating severe lumbar spine conditions

The minimally invasive lateral lumbar interbody fusion at Laser Spine Institute is performed in order to remove deformed or damaged disc material from the lower back. This disc material has often been moved out of place by a developing spine condition and has impacted a nerve root in the spinal canal, causing your severe pain and symptoms.

One of the main differences between our minimally invasive lateral lumbar interbody fusion and traditional open back fusion is the approach our surgeons take to reach the spine. During the procedure, our surgeon enters the patient’s spinal column through a small incision in the patient’s side. This allows the surgeon to avoid any cutting or tearing of important muscles and ligaments, which reduces the risk of postoperative scar tissue formation that is prevalent in many traditional open back fusions.

Once the area of the condition is located, our surgeon will remove the damaged disc and any additional bone spurs or constricting materials that could be causing the patient’s overall discomfort. After the disc is removed, our surgeon will insert a spacer to imitate the disc, adding height to the area that was compressed due to the shrunken disc material. Finally, our surgeon will utilize bone grafts in order to fuse the adjacent vertebrae, reestablishing stability and completing the procedure.

A minimally invasive lateral lumbar interbody fusion at Laser Spine Institute can treat many conditions
Patients requiring this type of procedure may be suffering from numerous different conditions and associated symptoms. The most common conditions treated at Laser Spine Institute’s Tampa center by the lateral lumbar interbody fusion include:

If you are experiencing symptoms associated with these or other conditions, contact Laser Spine Institute to see if you may be a candidate for a procedure at our Tampa center today.