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Facet thermal ablation at Laser Spine Institute can relieve back pain from many spinal conditions

As our joints and ligaments begin to degenerate during the natural aging process, many patients will develop conditions such as arthritis of the spine and facet disease. These conditions, though painful, are inevitable and lack a concrete cure. During a facet thermal ablation, the surgeon at Laser Spine Institute is able to enter the impacted area of the spinal column through an incision that is less than 1-inch in length. By using a series of dilating tubes, the surgeon gently spreads the muscles apart, avoiding any damage caused by cutting or tearing. Once the largest tube is in place, the surgeon will insert the laser and other tools used to complete the procedure. During the procedure, the surgeon will deaden the nerves that are sending the painful signals, while clearing out any material that has entered the facet joint and surrounding areas. After the procedure is complete, the surgeon will remove the dilating tube and the muscles will naturally return to their normal position.

Conditions Treated by Laser Spine Institute’s Facet Thermal Ablation

The two conditions most commonly treated by this procedure are facet disease and arthritis of the spine. These conditions can cause patients to experience severe and chronic pain and symptoms, greatly reducing their quality of life. Though there is not a cure for arthritis of the spine or facet disease, our facet thermal ablation can offer our patients relief from the pain and symptoms associated with the conditions. At Laser Spine Institute we understand that any amount of relief from these types of conditions can mean the difference between living and suffering, which is why we are committed to helping as many patients with our facet thermal ablation as possible.

If you are suffering from facet disease or arthritis of the spine, contact Laser Spine Institute today to see if you may be a candidate for our facet thermal ablation at our Tampa center.