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Tired of neck or back pain? Learn how our patients found relief.

Deciding if you should have minimally invasive spine surgery is a big decision. And it’s a choice that more than 75,000 of our patients have said yes to. Laser Spine Institute’s patients have wrestled with the same thoughts you’re thinking now. Just like you, they were afraid — fearful of what was truly causing their pain and questioning if they could really find relief. And their journey has been documented in these patient testimonials just for you.

There’s no one who understands what you’re going through right now better than our past patients. Similar to you, they dealt with chronic neck or back pain for a significant amount of time. On average, our patients lived with neck and back pain for nine years before seeking a surgical option. And when they finally decide it was time to find another — a better — solution, a new set of fears and questions stream into their consciousness. One of our most common questions is one you’ve probably asked yourself: Is it really worth it to travel 200 miles to Laser Spine Institute for surgery? Our past patients agree that it’s worth the trip. We have a patient satisfaction score of 98 with a patient recommendation score of 98 out of 100.^

There’s hope for you, too. Watch these patient testimonials and join them on their journey to pain relief. You’ll find that you can Stand Tall® again.