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How canal stenosis surgery at Laser Spine Institute Tampa can help you find pain relief

Suffering from canal stenosis can greatly impact your ability to enjoy your daily life. The pain and stiffness that accompanies this condition can limit the activities you can perform, potentially diminishing your quality of life. If you have exhausted all methods of conservative treatment, and the pain is still unbearable, canal stenosis surgery may be your next option for pain relief.

Because canal stenosis can be caused by a number of different related conditions, canal stenosis surgery can take the form of many different types of procedures. For example, a herniated disc causing spinal narrowing will be treated differently than arthritis of the spine. To determine the best method of spine surgery for you, consult your doctor and review the options available for your specific condition.

Options for canal stenosis surgery at Laser Spine Institute Tampa

There are many different options for minimally invasive spine surgery to treat canal stenosis. At Laser Spine Institute, we offer procedures for the most common spine afflictions, such as a herniated or bulging disc, spinal arthritis, bone spurs, and many other conditions that can cause the space within the spine canal to narrow. Our options for minimally invasive canal stenosis surgery include:

  • Discectomy — a minimally invasive procedure to help treat a bulging, herniated or otherwise damaged disc in the spine
  • Facet thermal ablation — a procedure used to help reduce the effects of spinal arthritis and inflammation in the joints
  • Laminotomy — minimally invasive surgery used to increase space within the spinal canal by removing a portion of the vertebra

The specific type of surgery recommended for you will be determined after a no-cost review* of your MRI or CT scan.

Benefits of minimally invasive canal stenosis surgery

Patients who opt for the minimally invasive spine surgery at Laser Spine Institute are choosing a procedure with a shorter recovery time^ and lower risk of complication compared to traditional open neck or back surgery. Our procedures are only performed in an outpatient setting, which means patients can return to their home or hotel room within hours after surgery.

To learn more about the benefits of our minimally invasive canal stenosis surgery, contact Laser Spine Institute Tampa today.